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New! The art of balancing SAC and SRC  

This is our fourth analysis on subscriber acquisition cost (SAC) and subscriber retention cost (SRC) – our most read analyses. Previous SAC & SRC analyses showed that an increase in SRC had a positive effect on contract churn without any negative effect on EBITDA – as long as not exceeding 100% of contract SAC.

Our new analysis shows that much has happened in 2013Average unit SAC and SRC have decreased significantly. How come – and what has it led to?

Based on data from 35 mobile operators in 24 mature markets globally – with data up to December 2013. 

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Premiere: MVNO benchmark starts in April.

The second year's round of the Network sharing JV benchmark is now running. 

The second year's round of the Sweden-Finland-Norway mobile benchmark is now running.

The Efficiency Index for 2013/2014 is now available at www.efficiency-index.com

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Allan Greve and Fredrik Jungermann